Welcome to the Conservation Research homepage. The site is currently being developed but most of the links to the left are useful.

 The "dunsurv" link will allow you to download the "dungsurv" software, which was introduced almost 15 years ago at a conference on Asian elephants in Bangalore (hosted by Dr. Raman Sukumar).  It allows estimates of animal population density to be derived from surveys of "signs", such as dung, tracks or nests, without making "steady state" assumptions.

The "SCANS II" link is for those interested in the aerial survey component of the SCANS II cetacean surveys.  From there you can download a simplified simulation program that tests the performance of the "circling" (or "RaceTrack") method used in the surveys.

The tiger software can now be viewed on the "tigers" page. The remaining links will provide access to the automated photo-id systems we've developed for other species.  Over the next few months we will upload more programs and sample image sets that will allow anyone interested in maintaining an automated photo-id catalogue for that species to try using the system and check its suitability for their work.

Lex Hiby, 20/01/05