This page provides programs designed to use an Android smartphone to help monitor the effectiveness of an animal birth control (ABC) intervention.  To allow monitoring to start as soon as possible the system uses existing apps available for free from the Play Store.

The "UsageNotes.pdf" download explains how to use the system to record dogs of different types seen along one or more standard routes across the city and hence monitor their average density (dogs seen per km).  Dogs seen per km relates well to the roaming dog "problem" as perceived by residents of the city because it gives the expected number of dogs encountered while travelling to work or school.  The records are imported into an offline "DogDensity.mdb" Access database, which also holds details of the routes and survey protocols.  The database will display any change in density observed along a route over succesive surveys and generate maps of the sighting locations.

Unzip the download to your hard drive to create a DogDensity folder containing the database file and a number of subfolders, then open the "" download and double-click on "Setup.exe" to install a small "SmartPhoneAccess" program.  During the installation process please use the "Change Directory" dailog to install that program to the DogDensity folder.